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This is Helma, a lovely lady who was in a motor vehicle accident and sustained neck injuries which then created numbness and tingling in both arms. A condition we call paresthesia. She talks about how much better she is feeling after the accident and is now able to work in the yard for hours!

This is Joan. A long time patient who needs frequent "tuning up" because of working in a day care center and having to lift and carry little kids all day.

Angel came to our office in extreme upper back and neck pain. Within just a few visits she was just about back to normal but felt so great she decided to continue care and to bring in her daughter who has shoulder pain related to a slight scoliosis.

This is Lexi. Only 8 yrs old but having some issues related to a slight scoliosis. Her mom was smart enough to realize that chiropractic was the perfect answer to her little girl's issue.

Mom and Kids come for adjustments

"I first came to Dr. Kate several years ago for a chronic upper back problem. Dr. Kate solved my issue through her therapies. I have also brought my children for adjustments. The actually ask me to bring them to Dr. Kate! I feel confidant when I recommend Dr. Kate to my friends and family. My friends that have come to dee Dr. Kate lover haer and especially love what she has done for their chronic back or neck issues. I love coming to Dr. Kate's not only for help with my back problems but for her holistic approach to any other issues I may have. Thanks Dr. Kate!"

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